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Phosphine Fumigation

Phosphine Fumigation

Phosphine ContainersFood Grain FumigationPhosphine fumigation treatment is a simple, cost effective method of eliminating insect pests in bulk commodities and can be used as a curative pest control solution. Fumigation is effective in targeting Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths. Stored Product Insects can infest grain and bulk commodities such as cocoa, rice, nuts and animal feed - along with other raw materials used within food and feed manufacture.

Phosphine is an accepted treatment for most bulk food produce including cereal, grains, dried fruit, nut, rice, cocoa and coffee beans. ShipSufficient time must be allowed for the fumigant to work effectively. The time 'under gas' is referred to as 'exposure period'. When Phosphine is used at ambient temperatures, best results are achieved.

Transportation containers exported from India can be conveniently fumigated aboard ship or in port. The flexible treatment option proves effective by permeating through the container and eliminating all pest insects within shipment. It can also be used for fumigating storage structures like warehouses, flour mills, railcars etc.

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