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Fumigation ProcessFumigation is a modern technique of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants, to suffocate the pest within. The unique characteristics and the great adaptability of fumigation technique, can provide effective, economical control where other forms of pest control are not feasible. Fumigants are not be confused with smoke, which are solid particle in air or any aerosols or fogs which are liquid droplets. Smokes, mists, aerosols or fogs are not fumigants, as they are unable to diffuse and do not reach deep seated infestation of commodities or structure. Fumigants are gases which are toxic to target infestation. They act either as respiratory poison, or as suffocates in the cases of controlled or modified atmosphere. We apply this fumigation technique to eradicate pests that infest, all types of goods, commodities, warehouse, processing factories etc.

Why Fumigation is necessary?

In most of the cases where in wood materials are used for packing of export goods, the buyer insists supplier to fumigate cargo and asked to produce fumigation certificate along with other export documents. Fumigation is a legal requirement by the buyer in most of the countries. So fumigation certificate is issued by the fumigator by obtaining approval for fumigation from the licensing authority. Most of the countries will not allow to import goods without fumigation certificate, wherever applicable on such goods.

How Infestation happens in Export cargo?

Fumigation of export cargo becomes very essential because there are possibilities of hidden infestation in the cargo. Infestation of cargo can happen due to following factors.

(a) High moisture level in the cargo

(b) The place where cargo has been stored prior to shipment.

(c) During the time of transit Infestation may occur due to previous residues that would be present in cargo, container and ship holds that would affect the cargo significantly.

Fumigation of CargoThe infestation rapidly develops during the voyage period and when cargo reaches the port of discharge it is re-fumigated again at the cost of exporter or the buyer. It is always good to carry out fumigation prior to export to avoid huge fumigation expenditure and handling cost at the port of discharge. It is necessary to follow good sanitation and scientific storage methods for maintaining the cargo in sound condition prior to export.

Fumigation operation is effective and a better option than any other methods of pest control because in fumigation process the fumigant circulates and spreads to all areas of infestation whereas spraying operation or other methods of pest control will be less effective.

Container FumigationAnother important thing that needs attention is treatment of packing material since untreated packing materials are prone to infestation and become carriers for introducing new pests to other Countries. Therefore wooden packing material should be treated prior to export.

Fumigation is carried out mainly with two types of fumigants, methyl bromide & phosphine.

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