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Wooden Crates & Pallets Fumigation

Wooden Crates & Pallets Fumigation

Wooden Crates FumigationWooden Pallets FumigationISPM 15 requires that all international ocean freight shipments using any species of raw wood packaging must be fumigated or heat treated to kill insects or fungus and get certified, before international ocean freight is allowed entry or crossing through a participating country.

IPPC ApprovedFumigated Wooden PalletsBark from timber has the potential to contain numerous pathogens of quarantine concern. It also acts as a shelter site for insect pests and encourages post treatment infestation by both insect and pathogen pests. The presence of bark also hampers inspection procedures. Some of the plant material such as straw and rice hulls used as packaging material may carry varied insects and pests that can damage the consignment during shipment. We provide Fumigation Of Wooden Crates by using Methyl Bromide.

International Plant Protection Convention
IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention.
IN - ISO country code (INDIA).
175 - Unique identification mark of the fumigation agency approved by Plant Quarantine Dept. Govt of India.
MB (Methyl Bromide) - Type of treatment as per ISPM-15 Standard.

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